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Starting a new year

Welcome to all you first years. Hopefully some of this stuff helps. You’ll see advanced topics too since I use this as a tool for reviewing and I’m just going to keep everything here.


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Question for readers…

First of all, I apologize for not posting more often lately. Our brief is due Monday so I’ll have some more time to post. Until then, I have a question. I’ve noticed that the post on implied and inherent constitutional powers gets a huge number of hits. By “huge” I mean it has the same hits as the next four combined. My question is, why is it so interesting? Is it a difficult topic, or do people have reasons for looking up info on implied and inherent powers? I’d like some feedback because I think I may do my writing requirement on implied and inherent powers. Thanks for the help in advance.

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Happy Holidays!

Well finals are finally over at my school and I’m glad I don’t have finals hanging over my head for the break. Hopefully some of you have found some helpful information on this site. Next semester I’m in contracts, criminal law, and constitutional law so I’ll be covering those topics. Merry Christmas.

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I’m back

Happy holidays everyone. The final memo is done, the Thanksgiving holiday was great, and now it’s time to ramp things up for finals. I’ll keep working on getting things updated that I’ve been behind on. I’d also like to thank everyone for visiting. Keep coming back.

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I’m assuming that most people that look at this blog are law students. If so, you understand the torture that is the memo. Our final memo is due Monday so I’ll be spending most of my time working on that. I’ll post if I can, but time is of the essence. I’ll try to catch up during the Thanksgiving break, and, if not, regular posting will resume after the break.

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Nov. 3 I love football…

I want to keep this blog relatively law related, but I’m a huge college football fan and my team won tonight. It’s happiness. The team is performing pretty well lately and, when you look at stats, we’re up there with the leading teams. Having a good record and being so close to winning the conference championship is a good, happy feeling.

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Oct. 30 Civil Procedure: Pleadings

Civil Procedure

We started talking about pleadings today. Pleadings are governed by FRCP 7(a). A pleading sets forth the facts and the parties’ claims on the facts. Pleadings set the framework of the proceeding and they include the complaint, answer, counterclaim, crossclaim, third-party complaint, and third-party answer. The parts of the pleading identifies the claims, the legal basis for the plaintiff’s claims, and the releif sought. I’ll post more on this later when I get a bit more under my belt.

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