first-year law review

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This is my way of forcing myself to review what I learned in classes. That’s its only purpose. What is on this blog is in no way intended to be considered legal advice. If you need legal advice, call a lawyer.



  1. Hi… Andreas, is it?

    I’m a prospective student of the law who stumbled upon your blog while researching, of all things, the criteria that are used to decide how individual law school’s “rankings” are determined (the best answer I could come up with is that U. S. News uses a set of standards that many law school deans disagree with; the same deans, by the way, who crow when they hit the “Top 50”).

    Anyway… I was reading the ABA-endorsed opinion on why foreign-born terrorist suspects deserve the same rights we happy few who were born here enjoy and WHAM!, you popped up. Go figure.

    I’m sure you’re busy studying torts, contracts, writs of habeas corpus, etc., so I’ll keep this short.

    1. Good luck.
    2. The blog is certainly informative and, I must admit, entertaining. Great job keeping things simple. Joe Q. Citizen stuck on jury duty will appreciate that ability.
    3. The $64,000 question: How is blogging working as an aid to retention?
    4. Good luck.


    Comment by Karl | April 4, 2007 | Reply

  2. 1. Thanks. I can use all the luck I can get.
    2. Thanks again.
    3. It works well. The only problem is taking the time to do it (which I haven’t done because I was working on my memo, moot court, and now finals). I plan on doing it throughout the rest of my time.

    Comment by thesaint258 | April 5, 2007 | Reply

  3. Hi, where are you studying (what country?) just wondering how relevant this is to us here in Australia!

    Comment by Jane | March 3, 2009 | Reply

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